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Building on a unique platform that combines our intellectual property, know-how and facilities, our business is now strongly positioned to succeed in the evolved gene and cell therapy sector.

Our core technology platform is:
The LentiVector® gene delivery technology
Oxford BioMedica’s LentiVector® platform technology is an advanced lentiviral vector based gene delivery system which is designed to overcome the safety and delivery problems associated with earlier generation of vector systems. The technology can stably deliver genes into cells with up to 100% efficiency and can integrate genes into non-dividing cells including neurons in the brain and retinal cells in the eye. In such cell types, studies suggest that gene expression could be maintained indefinitely. The LentiVector® platform technology also has a larger capacity than most other vector systems and can accommodate multiple therapeutic genes.

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Other technologies include:
The 5T4 tumour antigen technology
The 5T4 tumour antigen is a unique protein found on most common types of solid cancer, which makes it a potentially valuable target for novel anti-cancer interventions.

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The LentiVector® platform currently underpins eight of our gene and cell therapy Priority programmes, Other candidates and Partnered/IP enabled and royalty bearing products