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Products partnered:
SAR 422459, SAR 421869

Oxford BioMedica is collaborating with Sanofi to develop novel gene-based medicines utilising Oxford BioMedica’s LentiVector® gene delivery technology for the treatment of ocular diseases. Sanofi has taken up global development and commercialisation licences for all disease indications for SAR 422459 and SAR 421869 and Phase I/IIa trials are ongoing.


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Products/technology licensed:
Six products were granted a GSK option to a non-exclusive license under our LentiVector® delivery platform technology patents, for the development and commercialization of up to six product candidates targeting rare orphan diseases. In October 2015, GSK exercised an option to obtain a non-exclusive licence for two rare orphan disease indications under Oxford BioMedica's LentiVector® platform technology patents.

Oxford BioMedica has granted a non-exclusive licence to its LentiVector® gene delivery technology for use in research to GSK. On 28 October 2015, GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) exercised an option to obtain a non-exclusive licence for two orphan disease indications under Oxford BioMedica's LentiVector® platform technology patents



Technology partnered:
LentiVector® platform – manufacturing and process development work

Oxford BioMedica has a collaboration with Novartis, signed in H2 2014, to manufacture and process development work on clinical grade material utilising the Company’s LentiVector® gene delivery technology. Oxford BioMedica will be responsible for manufacturing several batches of a lentiviral vector encoding CTL019 technology. This vector is used to transduce patients’ immune cells (T-cells) in an ex vivo process before they are re-infused into patients. In January 2016, Novartis initiated work on a second CART programme for an undisclosed indication. Under an agreement signed with Novartis in H2 2014, Oxford BioMedica is undertaking process development and manufacturing for the lentiviral vector associated with the new programme.


Immune Design Corp

Technology partnered:
LentiVector® platform

In March 2016, OXB expanded the collaboration with Immune Design Corp. which is leveraging Oxford BioMedica’s expertise in lentiviral vector clinical development.  The new agreement is targeting oncology, as well as a non-exclusive, royalty-bearing, intellectual property licence to Immune Design. The licence involves the use of lentiviral vector-based products for thein vivo treatment or prevention of cancer.





The LentiVector® platform is protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio of more than 100 patents and patent applications

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