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We have a unique contribution to make to healthcare and our product candidates have the potential to transform treatment landscapes

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Our products

Mission and strategy

The combined strength of our in-house development know-how, bioprocessing facilities and intellectual property creates a uniquely powerful integrated platform, positioning us at the forefront of gene and cell therapy.

Our strategy
We believe that gene therapy will become a mainstay of patient therapy in the future.

Our long term goal is to become an integrated, self-financing gene and cell therapy business using our LentiVector® platform capabilities to continue investing in our early-stage and pre-clinical pipeline to generate further valuable new product candidates. We will also continue to invest in lentiviral vector technology to ensure that the Group retains its leadership position, which will help maximise bioprocessing revenues.

Our strategic approach is underpinned by these core objectives:
Objective 1 – Proprietary product delivery
Discover and develop novel, and potentially single dose and/or curative, gene and cell therapies based on lentiviral vectors for patients with conditions where either no therapy exists, or where the current standard of care has significant limitations. The optimal development model for the current wholly-owned in-house clinical product candidates is to spin them out into one or more product-focused special purpose vehicles (SPVs) with dedicated externally-sourced funding or to out-license them.

Objective 2 – Royalty bearing partnering
We seek to maximise the returns for our shareholders, while delivering medical advances for patients. This will necessitate having a balanced portfolio in terms of the risk-reward and stage of development of our development projects.

Objective 3 – Organisational effectiveness
To facilitate objectives 1 and 2 we need the whole organisation to be fully effective. This means having high calibre employees who are properly trained for their roles, supported by excellent processes and systems.

Objective 4 – Corporate delivery

Our aim is to generate returns for shareholders. Fundamentally this will be achieved through success with objectives 1 and 2 but it will also be helped by ensuring that the business is well-funded and has a broad shareholder base.


Working together

We recognise the importance of strong relationships and industry alliances in delivering success in product development and bioprocessing


Our proprietary LentiVector® technology is one of the best gene delivery systems available, invented by the Company’s founders through pioneering work initially at Oxford University and then through in-house development