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Intellectual property

Oxford BioMedica has built an extensive patent portfolio that provides comprehensive protection of the Company’s integrated LentiVector® delivery platform technology and their therapeutics application. This portfolio contains over fifty patent families which are either owned by the Group or exclusively licensed to it by third parties.

Oxford BioMedica actively manages its intellectual property estate to provide robust protection for its products and platform technologies and to identify and protect new inventions. The Group has comprehensive know-how across its product pipeline particularly in the area of lentiviral vector manufacture and analytics, regulatory aspects of gene therapy, and the pre-clinical and clinical development of gene therapy products.

Oxford BioMedica is committed to advancing the wider development of gene therapy approaches by offering licences under its intellectual property, provided these do not overlap with products the Group is developing itself.

Intellectual property and patent protection risk
The Group’s success depends, amongst other things, on maintaining proprietary rights to its products and technologies and the Board gives high priority to the strategic management of the Group’s intellectual property portfolio. However, there can be no guarantee that Oxford BioMedica’s products and technologies are adequately protected by intellectual property.
Furthermore, if the Group’s patents are challenged, the defence of such rights could involve substantial costs and have an uncertain outcome. Third-party patents may emerge containing claims that impact the Group’s freedom to operate. There can be no assurance that the Group will be able to obtain licences to these patents at reasonable cost, if at all, or be able to develop or obtain alternative technology. Where copyright, design right and/or “know how” protect the Group’s products or technology, there can be no assurance that a competitor or potential competitor will not independently develop the same or similar products or technology.

Rights of ownership over, and rights to license and use, intellectual property depend on a number of factors, including the circumstances under which the intellectual property was created and the provisions of any agreements covering such intellectual property. There can be no assurance that changes to the terms within licence agreements will not affect the entitlement of the Group to the relevant intellectual property or to license the relevant intellectual property from others.

We could potentially benefit from future milestone payments and royalties from licensing agreements...
The LentiVector® delivery platform technology is protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio. These patents cover the use of minimal lentiviral vectors, which are essential for clinical applications, and also a number of important safety features. Following an option agreement signed in December 2013 with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in October 2015, GSK exercised an option to obtain a non-exclusive licence for two rare orphan disease indications under Oxford BioMedica's LentiVector®platform technology patents. Financial terms were not disclosed. We have regular discussions with other companies working with lentiviruses. Oxford BioMedica could also potentially benefit from future milestone payments and royalties from several LentiVector®  licensing agreements with partners who are developing mid-to-late stage products including:

GlaxoSmithKline 2013
GlaxoSmithKline has taken an option for up to six non-exclusive licences under our LentiVector® technology for orphan indications and in October 2015, GlaxoSmithKline exercised this option with respect to two of these product candidates.

Sanofi 2014
Exclusive licence granted to Sanofi covering Oxford BioMedica’s LentiVector® platform IP for two ocular products

Novartis 2014
Non-exclusive licence granted to Novartis covering Oxford BioMedica’s LentiVector® platform IP in oncology

Immune Design 2016
Non-exclusive licence granted to Immune Design covering Oxford BioMedica’s LentiVector® platform IP in oncology

For more information, please contact our Business Development team at  licensing@oxfordbiomedica.co.uk.



The LentiVector® platform is protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio of more than 100 patents and patent applications. The Company’s patent portfolio provides comprehensive and robust protection for its products and platform technologies