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Focused on gene and cell therapy success

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Focused on gene and cell therapy success


Oxford BioMedica is a world leading gene and cell therapy company focused on developing life changing treatments for serious diseases. We have built a platform of exclusive cutting-edge technologies and capabilities, based on a sector leading and proprietary single dose gene therapy platform (LentiVector®), with which we design, develop and produce gene and cell based medicines for ourselves and for our partners.

Gene therapy is the treatment of disease by delivering therapeutic DNA into a patient’s cells and has thein vivo or ex vivo, the latter encompassing the field of cell therapy whereby genetically modified cells are put back into the body.

Through our LentiVector® delivery platform we have created a valuable and focused portfolio of gene and cell therapy product candidates in the areas of oncology, ophthalmology and CNS disorders.  We have a broader interest in multiple partnered royalty-bearing product candidates with Novartis, GSK, Sanofi and Immune Design.

Our strategy for our wholly-owned priority product programmes is to advance the clinical asset via spin-outs and out-licensing while continue to build our unrivalled expertise in the bioprocessing and production of lentiviral vectors.


Our technology

Our core technology platform is the LentiVector® gene delivery system (ideal for targeting chronic disease)

Powerful platform

The combined strength of our in-house development know-how, bioprocessing facilities and intellectual property creates a uniquely powerful integrated platform, positioning us at the forefront of gene and cell therapy